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  • About traffic jam essay

    about traffic jam essay

    But unfortunately, that has served to cause even more traffic jams owing to extensive construction blocking roads and diverting traffic everywhere. As the saying goes, if you can’t beat them, join them… I am not in the mood for meditation during traffic jams.You are asked to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of introducing such a policy to tackle the issue.By studying the various websites on traffic flow, you will be able to compose a good cause and effect essay on traffic congestions.The traffic issue in Ho Chi Minh is a consequence of two main problems.Traffic jam is something we all have to endure in our day to day life. The main cause of traffic jam is the narrowness of roads in proportion to the large number of vehicles.The drivers have little knowledge about traffic rules. Parking here and there and overtaking tendency are also the cause of occurring traffic jam. Sometimes ambulance and fire brigade can not go hurry up due to traffic jam. Traffic rules should also be imposed with an iron hand. Drivers have to be conscious about traffic rules and regulations.An endless stream of gridlocked cards can be seen on most major roads and highways at all hours of the day and night. So in order to expand the public transport system, the government came up with the MRT project. “I have to make sure no one is cutting into my lane!Traffic jam is very hard to tell about the causes of jam in Dhaka as it does not follow any pattern.First of all, the primary cause for traffic jams is the poorly planned road system.Ultrasonic sensors were also chosen primarily because they offer a rapid speed and are unaffected by soil or dirt, which sends signals to the alarm and warn all nearby vehicle traveling too close with it.
    • Essay about traffic jam in hyderabad this excludes most pieces dealing with national or international subjects.
    • Driving own car to go anywhere freely is apparently better than taking bus,especially,taking a crowed bus in a traffic jam. your essay and attempt to.
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    • Traffic jam Essay. No knowledge about traffic rules which encourage people to violating the rules.

    about traffic jam essay

    It stems from the widespread desires of people to pursue certain goals that inevitably overload existing roads and transit systems every day.Commuters are often frustrated by policymakers’ inability to do anything about the problem, which poses a significant public policy challenge.Traffic Problems Essay - Model Answer Traffic congestion in many cities around the world is severe.Unlike other buses, SB uses electricity instead of patrol for travellers and makes use of the large sizes of solar panels which is above the rooftop, converting sunlight into electricity to function SB (Refer to Appendix picture 1)....Traffic congestion is a problem experienced by many major cities around the world. In fact, traffic conditions continue to deteriorate in this city.If possible control the number of Legal Tuk-Tuk numbers in Area of Phnom Penh, Tuk-Tuk cannot stop in the area that is not resignation for them, this can increase the fairly income for every Tuk-Tuk, and it offer secure feeling for tourist or traveller both fee they have to pay and personal security.There is no simple solution to this problem because it has many causes, but the effects are damaging both the city and the people who live there. First body paragraph – an explanation of the reasons for this situation The reason is people are accustomed to using their own cars and that population growth combined with higher living standards means that more and more people own cars.The area for parking vehicles, in metros especially is constantly shrinking under pressure from the rising number of cars and bikes. Traffic police and media should play their role in creating traffic sense amongst the people.Vehicles are much more than the roads can accommodate. Traffic jam can be removed by enforcing traffic jam strictly. By pass roads should be constructed in the big towns.

    about traffic jam essay

    As a result, increasing pressure is placed upon transport infrastructure.The city’s problems do not seem to be improving in the past year - despite repeated measures to limit vehicle numbers.The problem is traffic congestion and a higher number of traffic accidents, the roads are jammed and the environment suffers from increasing amounts of pollution.There are also a number of technological tools that can help you skirt traffic issues, even in real time.Traffic jam is a long line of vehicles in which many vehicles get stuck in jam. The numbers of unlicensed vehicles are increasing day by day. We can not reach school, college, office and hospital in time. Sufficient traffic police should be posted in important places.These days, it does not seem to matter what time of day it is.Everyday, many citizens spend hours stuck in traffic in the city to commute to their work place or school.

    about traffic jam essay about traffic jam essay

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