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    college admission consultants

    I customize my college counseling and financial aid services to fit your family’s needs because every student deserves a chance to find their future!Based in Southern California, with consultants in North America, Europe, and Asia, our team of experts can assist you, like they have helped thousands of others, no matter where you are or where you want to go. Francine is a member of the following professional associations: Francine E.This requires in-depth knowledge, both of the admissions process and of the colleges themselves - not to mention highly-skilled counseling and writing abilities. Together, we’ve seen over 10,000 applications and counseled thousands of students into the schools of their dreams. With truly global coverage, we can help you where and when you need it.That means students who can't find a nearby college counselor can still get the help they want.We don’t just love the college admissions process, we live for it.Alma Mater is Latin for Soul Mother and the term is often used to refer to the college from which a person graduates.At the same time, they don’t want to impact their relationship with their children by being too overbearing.I work with students to help them create a list of colleges where they will grow both intellectually and emotionally, and then help them through the application process. S., finding the ones that fit your student’s academic goals, priorities and interests can be exhausting. Trying to figure out what colleges are looking for and what makes your student a competitive applicant can be tough. My students earn an average of nearly $16,000 per merit scholarship and with costs increasing over 400% since the early 80’s, finding ways to pay for college has never been more critical.
    • Confused about the application process? Trying to figure out what colleges are looking for and what makes your student a competitive applicant can be tough.
    • All of our consultants have had training and experience in high school counseling departments and are very familiar with both sides of the application process.
    • Our staff has worked on all sides of the admissions process - whether as a college admissions officer, a college counselor in a private high school, or a Director.

    college admission consultants

    I found Mary through BPN in the spring of my daughter's junior year in high school.All of our consultants go through a selective recruiting process and each consultant must prove his or her ability to deliver expert consultation services through on-the-job training and a series of in-class examinations. We live and breathe the nuances of this process, and we live for the overwhelming joy our clients have when they realize they’ve been admitted to their dream schools.Your education-It's the next step towards a promising future, and one of the largest investments you'll ever make.Our team includes former Senior Deans of Admissions and Assistant Directors of Admissions, former International School Counselors and Ivy League University Professors.I loved spending time working with her, and ironically, she made college applications kind of fun!We believe that college should be viewed as more than just a four-year experience; it is the launch pad for the rest of your life.We know that college admissions teams do not spend hours reviewing each student’s application, and we know EXACTLY what it takes to give them the best information in 5 minutes or less.Our college admissions consultants are highly qualified education professionals whose goals are to help plan, support, and guide our students through all the challenges leading up to their acceptance into a top tier university.Moreover, you know that you must prepare for the SAT or ACT to achieve the best possible score.

    college admission consultants

    It is essential to make sure that every student is applying to a college that is the best fit for them.Given the competitive environment, students can be forgiven for feeling a bit apprehensive about earning admission to the colleges of their choice.Mary was friendly, upbeat, and unfailingly supportive.Our experienced team of admissions consultants have served on admissions committees at Brown, Colby, Dartmouth, Harvard, Penn, Wharton, Oberlin, Michigan, NYU, Stanford, and other elite institutions.Every Veritas Prep Head Consultant has admissions experience at an ultra-selective university and will help you craft a strategic application narrative for every school on your list.It's the best of dedicated one-on-one mentoring combined with the breadth and depth of a larger company.Block, MAT, CEP is President of American College Admissions Consultants.

    college admission consultants college admission consultants

    Road to College College Admissions Planning from College.

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