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    education system in morocco essay

    About 56% of young people are enrolled in secondary education, and 11% are in higher education.The uniquely structured California education system, which provides students with higher education and convenient transfer, attracts an increasing rate of foreign According to what Maxwell wrote, “Higher-education official note that students have endured tuition increase and program cuts during other lean times” Universities have difficulties in providing enough classes for students due to the shortage in professors so that choosing suitable classes becomes increasingly tough.The situation of Moroccan education is unsatisfactory.The nation’s first university was established in the 1950s, and currently there are 13 state universities and seven private universities, educating 300,000 students.(November 2003) Education is a key part of strategies to improve individuals' well-being and societies' economic and social development.The government continued its pattern of ostensibly pursuing a technocratic governance agenda palatable to Western allies while stifling personal freedoms and discussion of sensitive issues.In the past, this has consisted of programmes that improved the quality of Iraqi textbooks, and projects that strengthened secondary education through the strengthening secondary school teachers' ICT teaching capacities in their subjects of specialty, the procurement of 155 school laboratories and 55 libraries in 55 secondary schools, and other activities.This chapter surveys the state of EFL writing in Moroccan high schools during the last four decades.In recent years the Government of Egypt has given greater priority to improving the education system.Education is always considered as the backbone of any society.UNESCO aims through its projects to improve access to, and quality of, primary and secondary education in Iraq.
    • Jun 23, 2015. By Otman Boukhzar. Fez – No one can deny the fact that the Moroccan education system is suffering from many problems. Teachers and.
    • Apr 1, 2006. The first nine years ages 6-15 of education in Morocco are compulsory. Stage I Most first degrees in the university system are two years in.
    • Oct 3, 2010. Is the education system in Morocco hindering or helping development. in submitting an essay on this topic, do let us know, it's never too late!
    • Education System in Morocco. Education, School/Level, Grade From, Grade To, Age From, Age To, Years, Notes. Primary, Primary School, 1, 6, 6, 12, 6, Primary.

    education system in morocco essay

    This included crackdowns on journalists, stiff fines and jail sentences for reporters, and deportation of foreign correspondents for attempting to cover politically sensitive topics. Education is the corner stone of any developing society, it is the key through which we can improve our life standers, express ourselves, and speak our mind.Consequently, since the independence, the Moroccan educational system has been flopped in many setbacks, and despite of the reform stages that have been witnessed, none of them has succeeded to redress the crux of the problem.French is introduced into the curriculum in the third grade.These education systems included the pre-colonial model of instruction at Koranic schools concentrating on Islamic studies and Arabic literature, and a French colonial model that had primarily served the educational needs of the European minority.It comes on the top of the list when it comes to the factors affecting the development and advancement of a given country.Despite numerous technical and publishing challenges, distance learning or e-learning is gaining momentum in Morocco in the public and private sectors.On the one hand, in most of the Moroccan schools, the profitability of students is reduced due to the lack of teachers, resulting in the overcrowding of students in the classrooms, and thus the teaching-learning process is hindered.The Ministry of National Education was established in 1959 to begin the task of training a native teaching corps to replace foreign teachers, build new schools and implement governmental education reforms.Doctoral studies require at least two years of research beyond the DES and the writing and defense of a dissertation.

    education system in morocco essay

    Morocco is creating a Virtual Moroccan Campus aimed at pooling the resources of e-learning programmes throughout the university system.So please Evaluate my essay and let me know if it is right to include the Discussion portion or not. No vibrant state policy for the teachers and their service structure 6. We should get rid of this complex and start loving to ourselves/our heritage/our culture/our individuality.... Teaching standards: This may include the plight of teachers (who are usually from the lowest strata in terms of economic conditions as well as mental conditions) and infrastructural facilities etc.Ok, as you already know my name is Aimad, i am 21 years old, i study English in “cadi ayyade” university of Marrakech. The reason why i choose this topic is that i want to give an idea about the education system in our country which is really weak, hoping that the situation will change in the future. I was lucky because we moved from there and I get the chance to complete my studies, but there are a lot of children who still living there, they face plenty of problems, they have to walk half an hour twice a day to reach the so т€“called school- which is nothing but a room, where all students gathered, even though they study in different levels and thought by the same teacher.Women in MENA countries are also more likely to enroll in universities than they were in the past.Morocco has an ambitious plan in place to tackle unemployment through targeted vocational training.Rather, the higher education systems are either: 1) controlled by independent groups of people, or trustees (in the case of private schools); or 2) shared between local and state governments (in the case of public schools). You will want to make sure that the school you choose has accreditation, meaning that it has met specific academic, administrative and financial standards.In a move to speed up educational reforms, Morocco had launched new initiatives aimed at building infrastructure and to raise standards in higher education to address the needs of the labour market with regard to social and economic affairs.

    education system in morocco essay education system in morocco essay

    The Moroccan Education System A Crisis of Significance

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