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  • Essay about global warming in the philippines

    essay about global warming in the philippines

    Climate change could therefore well be the knock-out punch for many species which are already under stress from overfishing and habitat loss.Further, in adherence to the Kyoto Protocol, the Philippines adopted the Clean Development Mechanism.The marine environment is already registering the impacts of climate change.The term, however, sometimes used to refer specifically to climate change caused by human activity, as opposed to changes in climate that may have resulted as part of Earth's natural processes.Going forward, each country must do its part to prevent this global disaster from happening.Destruction of natural resources has made the people prone to disasters especially those residing in low-lying and coastal areas.Article 3 of the Convention states that states who have aligned themselves with the mandates set forth “should protect the climate system for the benefit of present and future generations of humankind, on the basis of equity and in accordance with their common but differentiated responsibilities and respective capabilities.” In 2000, the Philippines forwarded to the UNFCCC its Initial National Communication which enumerated the accomplishments of the country in meeting the objectives of the Convention.Likewise, when Sendong made landfall, it dumped more than a month’s worth of average rainfall in just 12 hours, sparking flash floods in the middle of the night and trapping hundreds of thousands of residents.Data on temperature and sea water level were also analyzed.Any scientist will acknowledge that earth’s climate has always been changing.And the sad part is that it will take several generations to undo all the damage we created.
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    essay about global warming in the philippines

    The term climate change, hence, has become synonymous with global warming.Marine species affected by climate change include plankton - which forms the basis of marine food chains - corals, fish, polar bears, walruses, seals, sea lions, penguins, and seabirds.The problem is that most people don’t really understand what it really is, and what causes it.natural disasters), as well as future climate-related risks due to its geographical location and physical characteristics.The report presented the gains made in the fields of greenhouse gas abatement and inventory.However, effective implementation of these laws has become a challenge for the government because of people’s lack of awareness.We suggest that an effective mitigation plan must be formulated and effectively implemented supportive to sustainable development.Then the earth's fragile eco system could collapse bringing with it most living things ... At present, there is growing consensus that the increasing concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere is bringing about undesired climatic changes to the entire planet.We need to get our act together because we Filipinos have—to put it bluntly—destroyed this beautiful country of ours.But climate scientists looking at the data and facts agree the planet is warming.

    essay about global warming in the philippines

    It lies along the Western Pacific Basin (a generator of climatic conditions such as monsoons, thunderstorms, Inter-Tropical Convergence Zone, typhoons, among others) making it a path of an average of 20 tropical cyclones annually, nine of which makes a landfall.Climate change is indeed an issue that is on everyone’s mind, and while the Philippines seems to be far removed from the experts who recently made their way to Copenhagen to try to hammer out blueprints to prevent global warming from having a Doomsday impact on humankind, the Philippines will also be on the front lines of these issues. Because the Philippines will very likely not exist as a country by the year 2500. The Earth’s atmosphere has already passed the tipping point, and in the next 500 years, temperatures and sea levels will rise considerably and millions, even billions, of people from the tropical and temperate zones will be forced to migrate in search of food, fuel and shelter. By the year 2500, the Philippines will be largely uninhabited, except for a few stragglers eking out a subsistence life on some islands. have occurred since 2006, affecting and displacing thousands of citizens every time.Acceptance of enterprise resource planning systems by small manufacturing Enterprises. This concept is similar to the so-called best-of-breed approach to software implementation, but it shouldn't be confused with it.A grand welcome has been prepared for him by both the Philippine Church and the government. But we still have to read between the lines because there are deeper reasons that may not be explicitly stated. I would like to share my own conjecture of what I believe is one of the most important that is not explicitly stated.This paper investigated the global warming in the Philippines and its effects to the country’s economy, policies, and natural resources.Two recent newspaper articles about climate change in the far distant future, say 2500 or so, (titled, respectively, “How much more proof is needed for people to act? Despite most observers’ belief that solutions lie in mitigation, there are a growing number of climatologists and scientists who believe that the A-word — adaptation — must be confronted head-on, too.

    essay about global warming in the philippines essay about global warming in the philippines

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