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  • Essay on an exciting cricket match between india and pakistan

    essay on an exciting cricket match between india and pakistan

    But at times, the very game finds itself overshadowed by the raw intensity played out rather brazenly in the field.The Pakistani team was led by wasim akram and the Indian team was led by shourav ganhuli.By the end of the 18th century, it had developed into the national sport of England.BANGALORE: Pakistan won against India by five wickets in the first Twenty20 match of the ongoing tour in Bangalore on Tuesday.Cricket, traditionally an English sport, is becoming increasingly popular in other parts of the world like Australia, South Africa, Indian Continents etc.Cricket is a most famous and passionate sports of India for many years. Generally they used to play cricket on any small open places like road, small fields, etc.The cricket matches were usually played for five days with a day's break. The team that scores the maximum runs is declared the winner.Cricket is game internationally recognized as an instrument for the establishment of world peace.We want to play because doing well against India is always special,” the 30-year-old was quoted as saying by PTI.India’s Gambhir had scored the highest runs (43) followed by Rahane with 42 runs.The ‘One-day’ matches are more exciting and they have cast a spell on the spectators.
    • Need essay sample on "Test Cricket". and New Zealand before the Second World War and then Pakistan. An Exciting Cricket Match ; Cricket.
    • A cricket match was being played between Raja Club and Moon Club on this Sunday. It was. interesting match. 10th Class Simple English Essays of A.
    • Class Ninth and Metric English Essays. An Interesting Cricket Match. Or. The match between South Africa and Pakistan was very exciting. Pakistan had not been.
    • A Cricket Match I Witnessed. between the eternal rival countries- India and Pakistan. The match was held in memory of our. most exciting cricket. Match.

    essay on an exciting cricket match between india and pakistan

    THE OPENING OF PAKISTAN WAS NOT SO GOOD THERE FIRST WICKET FELL IN FIRDT POWERPLAY AND THEN THEY FORM A CHAIN OFWICKETS NOW MISBAH UL HAQ AND UMAR AKMAL CAME TO BAT MISBAH WHO WAS A BLOCKER PLAYED THIS MATCH CAREFULLY AND UMAR AKMAL WHO WAS A GREAT HITTER HITTED TO MUCH SHOTS AND MADE A RECORD OF HIGHEST SCORE IN ASINGLE OVER THAT WAS 37 SOON ONE OVER WAS LEFT AND PAKISTAN NEED 32 RUNS TO WIN AND THE MOST DARING BATSMEN SHAHID KHAN AFRIDI WAS ON BAT HE IS ALSO KNOWN BOOM BOOM AFRIDI BECA USE OF ITS BEST SHOTS HE HITTED TWO SIX IN FIRST TWO BALLS AT LAST THE LAST BALL WAS LEFT AND PAKISTAN NEEDS 7 RUNS TO TIE AND EIGHT RUNS TO WIN OUR PLAYER BOOM BOOM AFRIDI WAS ON STRIKE ALL THE HOPES OF PEOPLE WAS O AFRIDIS BAT THAT HOW WOULD HE SCORE SEVEN RUNS THE INDIAN CAPTAIN MS DHONI WAS FEELING VERY NERVOUS AND AFRIDI SO BECAUSE IT WAS THE LAST BALL WHICH WILL CHOSE THE WINNER AS THE BAWLER BEGINS TO BAWL HE WAS RUNNING AND AT LAST WHEN HE WAS THROING THE UMPIRE STOPED HIM OUR CHAMP BOOM BOOM AFRIDI WANTS TO CHANGE HIS BAT KAMRAN AKMAL COME WITH LOTS OF BATS WITH HIM AND SHOWED THEM TO AFRIDI BOOM BOOM AFRIDI CHOSE THE BAT OF CA AND WAS READY TO BAT THE PLAYER THROWED THE BAWL AND IT WAS A WIDE BUT THE PLAYER WAS DOUBTFULL THAT IT WAS NO A WIDE BALL AS THE REVIEW TAKEN IT WAS A WIDE BAWL AFRIDI NOW NEED SIX RUNS TO TIE AND HJE HIT ASIX AND AMATCH WAS TIED . Conversely, when Europeans missionaries occupied the island, the Trobrianders were required to give up their tradition of warfare.Cricket is a sport that barely requires an introduction. Everything from our favorite batsman hitting a six, to the anticipation of the last overs, made the whole cricket watching experience enjoyable. Jhulan too was superb and has hit her straps at the right time. "The turning point of the game," says Ramki, seated to my right. While the sides are getting better with the art of batsmanship, India are sticking to the traditional approach.The war in the cyberspace, mind games among the media camps and minor clashes between the fans have begun.The third tournament was held in 2010, hosted by the countries making up the West Indies cricket team.The 'One-day' matches are more exciting and they have cast a spell on the spectators.In recent times, one day cricket matches have become popular. The teams are expected to show their 'mettle' in one day matches.This is the first time India and Pakistan will clash in the final of a major ICC ODI event and it promises to be a tense encounter with plenty at stake. The British who ruled our country introduced this game and now it has struck deep roots in our country.

    essay on an exciting cricket match between india and pakistan

    The kind of blue that makes you ache for them to look at you again.The match holds utmost historical significance because of the hype created around the match since both the teams made their way towards the semifinal.Thanks to a jaded history between the two nations, any sporting duel between the teams representing either side of the “International Border” – starting from the rugged Line of Control (Lo C), the much-hyphenated Wagah line to the Great Rann of Kutch – becomes a full-blown war.Batting under lights has its challenges too, especially when squadrons of flying insects began to swarm over the ground.It is phenomenon that has swept the country since it was first introduced.Ahead of their crucial match at the Oval, here are some key numbers for both sides.10 - This will be the first time since 2007 that India and Pakistan clash in the final of a major ICC event.However, India hold a massive advantage over Pakistan in ICC events.

    essay on an exciting cricket match between india and pakistan essay on an exciting cricket match between india and pakistan

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