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    essay on gorkhaland

    It is the dream of a homeland that they cherish, an essential pre-requisite to acquire a distinctive identity for Indian Gorkhas, separate from those in Nepal.Gorkha Jan Mukti Morcha (GJM), the political party currently leading the struggle for Gorkhaland, maintained its hold over the hills by winning the municipalities of Darjeeling, Kurseong, and Kalimpong, while Mamata Banerjee’s All India Trinamool Congress (AITC) managed to scrape by with Mirik. The current area under the Gorkhaland Territorial Administration, a semi-autonomous governing body which succeeded the Darjeeling Gorkha Hill Council (DGHC) in 2011, is about 3,300 square kilometers (sq km), and with a population of about 1.2 million, has three assembly seats.However, with Siliguri and the Dooars, the area proposed under a separate Gorkhaland more than doubles to 6500 sq km and its population expands to 3.2 million, which translates into 20-25 assembly seats, and a whole Lok Sabha seat.They do not consider themselves as immigrants who came from Nepal as per the popular belief.THE NORTHERN HILL districts of West Bengal, especially Darjeeling, are in the grip of agitation once again.Credit: PTI/Files" data-recalc-dims="1" / The aspiration for self-rule of the hill people in Darjeeling is more than a century old.The real reason for the demand of Gorkhaland “Koi Sikh, koi Jat Maratha, koi Gorkha koi Madrasi…sharad par marne wala harek tha Bharat wasi” were lines from Lata Mangeskar’s “Aye mere watan ke logo.” It remains an inspiration when it comes to remembering the continuous sacrifices made by our Indian soldiers at the frontiers.The Jana Andolan Party (JAP) and the Trinamool Congress (TMC) were positioning themselves, anticipating a reconfiguration to dislodge the GJM (Gorkha Janamukti Morcha), which had been enjoying the fruits of BJP outsourcing.Settling In As a young man who had never been to Darjeeling before, whatever Bhattacharya knew of the town was through his grandfather, a garden variety ex-babu, who believed Darjeeling to be India’s answer to the Lake District of the Romantic poets, and whose favourite flower was the daffodil, even though he had never seen one in the flesh.The local political class that dominates the hill council there is up in arms, demanding a separate state. The victory of a Trinamool Congress candidate in a local poll has unnerved the Gorkha constituency. (Eds.): Aktuelle Forschungsbeiträge zu Südasien: 6. DOI: 10.11588/xabooks.158.198‘Development Indicators vis-à-vis Separatist Movements: A Socio-economic overview of Rural North Bengal’ in ‘Palli Charcha – The Bi-annual Indian Journal of Rural Studies’, Vol.1-No.1, January-June-2014, ISSN 2350–1227; Granthan Vibhaga,...
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    essay on gorkhaland

    Kamal Pokhrel, Gyan Sutar, Hira Chhetri, Capt (Retd) Bhumiraj Rai, Tulshi Ojha recited their creative poems and short stories.I have shunned that appropriation forever.” Sharma was born into a Nepali family in Assam, yet people were sometimes confused about his Indian identity.The Gorkhas had captured Sikkim and most parts of the North East including Darjeeling in 1780. Januar 2016, Osnabrück, Heidelberg ; Berlin: Cross Asia-e Books, 2016 (Geographien Südasiens, Band 5).Please remedy this by editing this article to remove any non-free copyrighted content and attributing free content correctly, or flagging the content for deletion.Credit: PTI/Files " data-medium-file="https://i2com/ fit=300,182&ssl=1" data-large-file="https://i2com/ fit=660,400&ssl=1" class="size-full wp-image-154227" src="https://i2com/ resize=660,400&ssl=1" alt="A protest march organised by the Gorkhaland Janmukti Morcha in the Darjeeling hills.Truth be told, there is no case for a new state in North Bengal.The state government ignored the initial reactions of the GJM and chief minister Mamata Banerjee said the morcha leaders were making “an issue out of a non-issue”.The British annexed it by deception in 1835 as the King of Sikkim had to show favour to them.The DGHC administered the Darjeeling hills for 23 years with some degree of autonomy.

    essay on gorkhaland

    By Rajendra Prasad Dhakal Indian Nepalis or Gorkhas, as synonumously called, is a conglomeration of the various Tibeto-Burman, Sino-Tibetan and Indo-Aryan –Khas speakers.That the Darjeeling Hills see themselves as separate from Bengal is evident from the municipal elections which were held there mid-May this year. The Building Blocks of Gorkhaland The proposed area under Gorkhaland is the hilly region of extreme north Bengal bordering Sikkim; Siliguri and some parts of Jalpaiguri (the Dooars), stretching toward Assam in the east have been a relatively recent addition.This movement culminated with the formation of Darjeeling Gorkha Hill Council (DGHC) in 1988.GJM president Bimal Gurung led protest rallies in the hills between June 5 to 8, when the chief minister was present, to highlight their opposition to the state’s decision.Historically, Darjeeling and the surrounding regions were passed around among the regional powers of Sikkim, the Gorkhas, Bhutan, and the British until 1947, when they became a part of independent India.They want a state for themselves called Gorkhaland, leading to start of Gorkhaland Issue.The crisis in Gorkhaland (West-Bengal) has been brewing for many decades and the stems from language – Nepali speaking people vs Bengali speaking people.

    essay on gorkhaland essay on gorkhaland

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