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  • Knowledge management case study examples

    knowledge management case study examples

    Although there has been a great deal of recognition in the business world that information and knowledge management can be vital tools in organizations, it is only recently that educational administrators and teachers have begun to look at how they might use information systems to assist in creating effective learning environments.KM at Fujitsu Consulting is powered by the Knowledge Access System (KAS) portal and tools like Project Finder; it uses handheld wireless devices in the spread of KM at multiple "trigger points." i2's Knowledge Base and Project Workbench help product developers and marketers in India and the United States improve upon software quality for their products and supply chain performance for their customers.February 2004 Over the past few years, there has been continued interest in the issue of knowledge management (KM) within the Australian Public Service (APS).Here are a few vision statements from companies; some are official statements, some are CEO statements that encapsulate the vision, some are statements crafted by the KM team.This workshop is a guide to solving these two problems This Workshop applies the conceptual frameworks developed in the Gateway Workshop to three case studies of purported KM interventions: The Partners Health Care, Halliburton, and Hewlett-Packard cases, and also to an analysis of the present state of KM in your own organization. (2005), Doing Knowledge Management, The Learning Organization, Vol. A pre-publication version is available at: The Workshop is available weekly on Tuesdays and Thursdays.It will provide knowledge management practitioners with a guide to how other agencies are tackling their KM challenges and it may provide possible pathways for approaching their own particular situation.EMC's secure Web portal, Powerlink, facilitates collaboration between thousands of customer service agents who access more than 21,000 knowledge articles in the EMC Knowledgebase.We conclude the KM management in our case study has played as a critical role in effective performance of knowledge management practice.(Edge, 2005) Business shift to education Petrides & Guiney (2002) stated that the idea of knowledge management has been recognized in the business world but the literature regarding information management to support education learning is scarce.Knowledge Audit Tools help us to overcome this situation.We will use a secondary school in Hong Kong, as a case study to see how KM support learning and teaching.
    • Examples of Knowledge Capture Systems. Case Studies KM Tools in ICT Companies. improve project management, nurture innovation, enhance customer service. In the IT sector, software is often called the "quintessential knowledge.
    • Australian Public Service Knowledge Management Case Studies. For example, the Australian Bureau of Statistics has used KM to underpin its working.
    • Dec 21, 2009. Knowledge Management in Organizations Case Study. To locate some application form, for example, To meet these growing needs, ATKINS.
    • Examples of such technologies include, for example, decision support, groupware and. This strategy involved a case study on knowledge management.

    knowledge management case study examples

    Getting to market faster is the name of the game, and we're here to make sure you achieve success and increase your open innovation capability - regardless of where you are today.In this information age, Knowledge Management (KM) has become the main competitive strategy of a company.Lately, planned CEO successions wherein many companies have replaced CEOs with their predecessor or founders are on the rise.Technology can play a big role, but you need the right technology.Examples of non-verbal communication include observation, modeling, imitation and job shadowing.It moves from there to a treatment of three contrasting high-level KM strategies and to the Policies, KM and Knowledge Processing Techniques, Information Technology Tools and KM Programs that could be used to implement strategies. You can reserve it one week or earlier from the date you want to take it.At each stage of the analysis there is interactive discussion about which alternative policies, techniques, tools, and programs might be used in your organization. After that time, you may still be able to enroll in the Workshop, if others have already scheduled it.Especially Customer Knowledge Management (CKM), which emphasizes on knowledge management of their customers, is the main successful factor of current corporations.Thus, schools need to become boundaryless organizations, reinvent school curriculums and adopt knowledge management (KM) for teaching and learning.Clearly delineating the expected hard and soft benefits of each aspect of the initiative will greatly aid in effectively justifying its need.

    knowledge management case study examples

    Knowledge management continues to play an important role in management practice, in private and public organisations, in community informatics and in other groups.While technology advances have eased some of the installation and integration hurdles, Jim Murphy, AMR's knowledge management research director, says companies looking to do wide-scale deployments still face scalability and performance issues. Aids Post-Katrina Recovery Southern Co., the energy company that produces electricity for much of the Gulf Coast region, was preparing for Hurricane Katrina even before the 2005 storm struck.This report looks into the Knowledge Management Audit carried out Monsanto.Nine Sigma helps organizations in the public, private and nonprofit sectors ‘connect with the world’ to find new solutions, knowledge and partners to accelerate their innovation cycle.It is meant to inspire and guide more SMEs to apply KM techniques.If you attend a graduate business program, such as an MBA program, you could look at hundreds, or even of thousands of cases, throughout your academic career.About 30 of these are in-depth case studies from our own research and interviews that have been published in our reports and books; around 50 are from academic journals; about 150 from conferences or articles in magazines by those involved, and the remainder are 'caselets' that illustrate the use of specific KM techniques.

    knowledge management case study examples knowledge management case study examples

    Case Studies KM Tools in ICT Companies

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